Dedicated to the sexiest and prettiest faces on Earth. Credit to the rightful owners of the photos posted.

The way you lived life will be reflected in your face, body and skin, so if you effort to live everyday life in good spirit, you will become beautiful.” “. Beauty comes from within, and radiates out into the world. Without being comfortable in your own skin and sure of yourself you can’t be beautiful.

As per a report in Buzzfeed, an experiment was conducted in 2014, hoping to bring to light how standards of beauty differ across various cultures. A journalist sent her photos to Photoshop aficionados in 25 countries. Those people were asked to edit the photo according to them. Every country had edited the picture differently, thus showing that there is no standard for beauty.

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

I believe that true beauty is being happy and helpful. Being confident and outgoing. Being nonjudgmental and open to ideas and mostly, being appreciated.